A properly insulated home or business helps increase comfort and efficiency which saves money through reduced energy costs.  The US Department of Energy estimates that US families spend close to $1,500 a year on energy bills on average.  They also estimate that 44% of a homeowners utility bill goes towards heating and cooling costs. Homeowners can reduce their energy bill between 10% to 50% by taking energy efficiency steps. A major step is increasing the amount of thermal insulation in an existing home or adding additional insulation when buying or building a new home.

Energy savings will vary depending on your home’s construction, size, and type of heating or cooling system.  Your local climate will also plays a major factor, as well as your family’s living habits. Energy conservation is money saved and as utility rates increase in the future your savings will increase over time.  Ask a Spring Valley Insulation specialist for a free estimate to see how much insulation you may be missing to make your home efficient, comfortable, and utility friendly.